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25 Canvas Painting Ideas

Looking for Things to Paint? The world is full of art inspiration. Just look around you and you’ll see dozens of interesting things to draw and paint. But, in case you’re looking for something new to work on at the moment, we’ve collected ideas for paintings from our team of artists that we know will […]

How to Create Custom Clothing

If you’ve been considering making merch to help expand your brand, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re a musician, artist, influencer, YouTuber, or any other type of online creator, it’s time for you to design and produce your own custom merchandise.  At Artbyancient, we make it incredibly easy for creators like you to design, sell […]

Physical Painting Definition

Physical Art is a concrete visual reflection of an original THOUGHT,inspired by a mystical as well as a scientific philosophy of the world and the artist’svision of its working principles. The concept is not an expression limited to asingle mood of an artist and is not inspired by fashion, perversions, or machine,but is a logical […]

What Is Digital Art?

Digital painting is an emerging art form in which traditional painting techniques (such as watercolor, oils, impasto, etc.) are applied by means of a computer, a digitizing tablet and stylus, and software. I work with a Wacom tablet, Corel Painter, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Digital painting is a type of digital art but it […]

How are Canvases Made?

I assume you mean how are canvases stretched. Either cotton canvas or linen (I prefer linen, but it’s more expensive} is put over a wooden frame, using canvas pliers attached to the frame using a staple gun or carpet tacks. Then is is coated with a sizing material. Most people use an acrylic gesso, but […]