25 Canvas Painting Ideas

Looking for Things to Paint?

The world is full of art inspiration. Just look around you and you’ll see dozens of interesting things to draw and paint. But, in case you’re looking for something new to work on at the moment, we’ve collected ideas for paintings from our team of artists that we know will inspire you. What you’ll see here are a lot of different subjects and types of canvas. So, whether you paint in bright colors or soft pastels, hyper-realistic or impressionistic, take a look and get those creative juices flowing!

Canvas is a favorite surface on which to paint because it holds the paint well, it gives a painting a slight textural look, it lasts a long time, and it’s lightweight, making it easy to carry. As you’ll see in these works, our artists have used both canvas panels as well as those stretched and stapled over a frame. They also have taken advantage of the different sizes that are available to enhance the overall appearance or feeling they’re trying to evoke. At Arteza, we offer several ways to have the canvas that fits your style and budget. You can get multiple packs in a range of sizes as well as in white and black. By buying in bulk you can rest assured you’ll have a fresh canvas waiting for you when you’re ready for one, or be able to work on several paintings at once. 

Now, let’s take a look at some subjects you might want to consider for your next painting.

Painting Ideas to try

Idea 1. Fantasy Abstracts

Shut your eyes and imagine your favorite colors swirling around you in different shapes. Now open them and start painting, using what you saw. You’ll be happily surprised at what your mind has come up with! Here our artist used gouache paint in some pastel shades along with bright hits of color to create this fantasy abstract painting on a canvas panel. Note how she uses a variety of brush strokes along with some splattering to add an otherworldly appeal. Here you can learn how to use gouache.

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