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It is extremely important to be connected to the source of the investments you make. My name is Kedar ( aka “Ancient” ) and I am the Visionary and Head artist here at Artbyancient. You can be assured of my full soul dedication to my work as I continue to elevate in consciousness and ability to provide the highest outcome possible to my people. My services include: • Digital artwork painted on IPad procreate. • Life like brushstrokes. Delivered in any digital format. • Turn your photos into vibrant digital paintings with the help of Artbyancient. Create Artwork directly from your Phone. Artbyancient has created a streamlined way to create High Quality Artwork directly from your Phone. This simplified solution was created as a personal revelation of the need for digital media solutions in this ever upgrading virtual economy. I have dedicated my life to the discipline of pursuing my innate love for art and I am thankful to be a vessel to create digital and physical art to serve my community.

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