My Story

Behold, I am the artist of the ancient future, Ancient, my name, a guiding light so pure, With canvas and brush, my spirit nurtures, To reveal the depths of our human allure. In my exhibition, a dance divine, Where digital realms and souls align, Each stroke unveils a mystic sign, Awakening kin to their inner shrine. Artbyancient, my chosen name, A portal to time, both wild and tame, My paintings speak of a grander aim, A revelation of spirits, aflame. As colors swirl, and visions soar, I fulfill my mission with ardor galore, To showcase our kin, their hearts explore, Their spiritual power, I do implore. With every hue, a tale unfolds, A tapestry of lives, of secrets untold, The canvas sings of journeys bold, Of shifting perspectives, of wisdom old. I guide you through life’s labyrinthine, To show you the potential of your being, Through my eyes, the ordinary’s divine, A kaleidoscope of joy, ever freeing. 

From ancient whispers, I make a vow, To elevate hearts, to lift souls now, Through digital art, I show you how, To embrace love’s power, in the here and now So let my exhibition unfold, Like stars that dance in cosmic gold, A revelation, a tale to be told, Artbyancient, where souls are consoled. May my canvases ignite the flame, In each beholder’s innermost frame, To recognize their worth, their name, To shine in brilliance, no longer tame. As the ancient future’s essence weaves, Through Artbyancient’s tapestry, I believe, May all who visit, find the keys, To unlock their spirits, set them free. Oh, I am the artist of the ancient future, With Artbyancient, my soul’s endeavor, Illuminating the world’s delight forever, A vision unveiled, our spirits endeavor.

First Official Book Release