Children’s Book Illustrator

The universe within me

Why should you choose me?


1. A unique and inimitable style. 

I carefully develop every detail in the illustration. Characters, lighting in the drawing, emotions, nature. 

The drawing will be painted digitally on my ipad pro and delivered in pdf format ready for printing. It is pure magic.


2. Professional communication, affordable price, and fast delivery.

You feel maximum comfort and know that everything goes right. Our project is under my control. You get your work perfectly done.


3. Creativity and idea generation.

Do you have a story? Share it with me.

We’ll come up with a fictional world and characters in it. A book that you want to look at every detail and discover over and over again.


Magic! The book is ready to conquer the world, or just make people’s faces happy, or maybe to be a gift to a loved one you care about. 

Author Kabrena L Robinson
custom childrens book illustration
the universe within me children's affirmation book
the universe within me children's picture book