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Customer holding UK painting original artwork canvas 18x24 inches made exclusively by artbyancient starry sky art

Canvas Painting Ideas

Customer holding UK painting original artwork canvas 18x24 inches made exclusively by artbyancient nft art

Half Body

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Full Body

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$91.96 - $169.93

$91.96 - $169.93

$91.96 - $169.93

Step by Step Process

A Reference Image is required for order. Simply Upload reference image on product page before checkout. This is to ensure that all creations have a basis to ensure correct details of our valued clients.

Provide Reference

A Reference is a image used as a template/guide for final artwork

Begin by creating a digital artwork. This process requires a reference image and takes 2-3 days and the digital artwork will be confirmed with you before moving forward to printing

Get artwork done as an oil painting on canvas, a watercolor painting on paper, a pencil drawing on paper, or more. Browse our product galleries for real customer orders to see which type is perfect for your needs!

Digital Painting

Life-like brushstrokes. Delivered in any digital format of your choice.

Once Digital Artwork is completed it will be sent to you directly for approval before moving forward.

After Confirmation, you will receive a link to access canvas options if you desire to print. The file will then be sent to the relevant local canvas warehouse for assembly and shipped to delivery address in 3-6 days.

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Hand-Stretched Gallery Wrap.

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Japanese Customer holding UK painting original artwork canvas 18x24 inches made exclusively by artbyancient nft art

Custom Background

Custom Background

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Custom Family Portrait Painting

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$50.00 - $215.00

Portrait Painting

Portraiture is a very old art form going back at least to ancient Egypt, where it flourished from about 5,000 years ago. Before the invention of photography, a painted, sculpted, or drawn portrait was the only way to record the appearance of someone.

But portraits have always been more than just a record. They have been used to show the power, importance, virtue, beauty, wealth, taste, learning or other qualities of the sitter.


Artists’ self-portraits are an interesting sub-group of portraiture and can often be highly self-revelatory. Those of Rembrandt are particularly famous.

A self-portrait does not necessarily have to be representational – an abstract or symbolic depiction by an artist of themselves can also be classed as a self-portrait. A self-portrait can also be in any medium.

Artists sometimes include depictions of themselves in larger group portraits; or may include a self-portrait in in another type of composition – such as a landscape, narrative or documentary work.

Canvas Print and Canvas Painting Comparison

What are canvas paintings and how are they different from canvas prints? The answer is actually pretty straightforward.

In short, canvas paintings are the paintings you know from art galleries. Canvas paintings are often confused with canvas prints – which is probably due to the similar names as much as the visual resemblance. Read on to find out what distinguishes the two mediums.

Key Points:

  • Canvas was originally introduced as a more efficient alternative to wooden panels; canvas painting is the precursor of canvas print.
  • Canvas prints were only made possible with the invention of lithography
  • The mass production of canvas only began with the advent of chromolithography.

The single biggest difference between the two mediums is the fact that canvas paintings are painted by a person straight onto the canvas. This is normally done using either acrylic or oil paints.

“Canvas prints are printed; canvas paintings are painted. Simple as that…”



By contrast, canvas prints – as the name suggests – are printed reproductions of existing work, such as photographs or paintings. The two mediums have a common historical origin.

Canvas printing developed further with the introduction of chromolithography. The technique was used to mass-produce advertising posters and this industry eventually morphed into what we know as the mass printing services of today.

Stretched canvas was introduced in the 17th century as a more convenient and cost-effective alternative to the large wooden panels that were previously used as the foundation for paintings. Canvas painting was the original canvas medium and the forerunner of canvas print. Print duplication was only introduced with the advent of lithograp.

Thanks to print duplication technology, millions of people can have their fondest memories printed and turned into high-quality wall decor accessories.

“Meanwhile, professional photographers are granted a cost-effective and efficient way to print and exhibit their creative output.”

If pretty much everyone’s a winner when it comes to modern canvas printing, the same is true with canvas painting, a medium which allows countless people to develop their artistic talent without breaking the bank

What Are Standard Canvas Sizes? – Exploring Typical Canvas Sizes

Canvas sizes have been standardized for a reason, and that is to make it easier for people to choose which size will suit their wall space and the size of their rooms. It follows that people who live in smaller homes and apartments will require smaller canvases, and the same is true for people who have larger homes.


Measurements in Inches Measurements in Centimeters Size
4 x 8 10.16 x 20.32 Small
5 x 7 12.7 x 17.78 Small
8 x 10 20.32 x 25.4 Medium
9 x 12 22.86 x 30.48 Medium
11 x 14 27.94 x 35.56 Medium
12 x 12 30.48 x 30.48 Medium
12 x 16 30.48 x 40.64 Medium
16 x 20 40.64 x 50.8 Large
18 x 24 45.72 x 60.96 Large
24 x 24 60.96 x 60.96 Large
24 x 30 60.96 x 76.2 Large


How to Choose the Correct Size of Canvas for Your Artwork

The canvas sizes chart above will be helpful to you when it comes to choosing the correct size of canvas for your paintings. It is important to ensure that the canvas you select fits your artwork properly, so you will not have to crop the image or distort it in any way. It is also important for you to know if the canvas you have chosen will suit the room it is going to be hung in.

So, besides looking at the various sizes of canvases available, we are going to take it a step further and look at the type of canvases that will work in the different rooms in the house. Therefore, if you know which room your artwork will be going into, it will help you to choose the correct size of canvas.

Small Canvas Sizes

These are the typical measurements of small canvases:

  • 4 x 8 inches (10.16 x 20.32 centimeters)
  • 5 x 7 inches (12.7 x 17.78 centimeters)

These are the sizes of postcards and many greeting cards. The canvases are ideal for small, detailed paintings or a single image that stands out on its own. With these canvas dimensions, you could also easily turn your paintings and photographs into prints to sell online.

Medium Canvas Sizes

Medium-sized canvases come in more sizes than small ones do, namely:

  • 8 x 10 inches (20.32 x 25.4 centimeters)
  • 9 x 12 inches (22.86 x 30.48 centimeters)
  • 11 x 14 inches (27.94 x 35.56 centimeters)
  • 12 x 12 inches (30.48 x 30.48 centimeters)
  • 12 x 16 inches (30.48 x 40.64 centimeters)

Large Canvas Sizes

Large-format paintings on the biggest canvases available are the showstoppers of the room, creating a focal point and demanding immediate attention. They are most commonly used for landscapes or seascapes and, when mounted on the wall, have no other pictures around them to detract from them. These are the measurements of the most common large canvas sizes:

  • 18 x 24 inches (45.72 x 60.96 centimeters)
  • 20 x 24 inches (50.8 x 60.96 centimeters)
  • 24 x 36 inches (60.96 x 91.44 centimeters)
  • 30 x 40 inches (76.2 x 101.6 centimeters)
  • 36 x 48 inches (91.44 x 121.92 centimeters)

Choosing the Right Canvas for Your Space

We have explored the most common sizes of canvases available, and you will agree that there are many to choose from. We also suggested that once you know which room your artwork will be going into, you will be able to choose the right canvas for the room. Of course, the canvas you choose will also depend on your painting dimensions, but even so, choosing the right canvas is a lot easier than you might think.

Small and Mini Canvases

It goes without saying that you would not hang a small or mini canvas on its own, and certainly not in bigger rooms like the living room and bedrooms. Small canvases come into their own when they are arranged in a group, for example, around a mirror in the entrance hall or above the desk in a home office. They also look great as a focal point above bookshelves. Some people like to hang them in kitchens, often around the coffee station, or in bathrooms around the mirrors above the sink.

Ideally, what you want to achieve is an arrangement of small and mini canvases that, together, look like a much larger artwork.

Medium and Square Canvases

If you want to create a photo collage on a single canvas rather than several small ones, square canvas sizes are ideal for this purpose. And being a uniform size makes it much easier for you to fit in all your photographs without necessarily cropping them to fit into odd-shaped spaces.

Medium-sized canvases work well for larger pictures even if you do not have a lot of wall space. And if you live in a relatively small house with a staircase, you could create a gallery wall of medium, square, and small canvases going up the wall above the staircase.

This is an excellent way of turning an otherwise difficult-shaped space into an eye-catching and interesting focal point.

Medium canvases also work well in the living and dining rooms of small apartments, as well as home offices and guest rooms, because they will not crowd the walls and make the rooms feel claustrophobic. You could also hang them in the bathroom above the tub if you have a blank wall rather than a window.

Large Canvases

While it is not entirely accurate to say that only those with large houses are able to hang big paintings or photographs, the typical large canvas sizes are far better suited for big walls on which they can hang in solitary splendor. Think of these artworks as the room’s centerpiece, and hang them with their own lights above them to create the feel of a professional art gallery. An artwork this size will be part and parcel of the room’s decor, particularly if your furniture is arranged around it, rather than around the television set. That said, large pictures also work well in more formal dining rooms and will often pull the room together.

Of course, there is nothing preventing you from hanging outsized canvases in your bedroom or the family’s den, two rooms which, due to their functions, tend to be big rooms, certainly in larger houses.

Canvas Shipping Locations and Processing Time

– Orders shipped from our US warehouse will be processed within 2 business days (weekends not included).

– Orders shipped from within Jamaica will be processed within 2 business days.

– Orders shipped from our UK warehouse will be processed within 2 business days (weekends not included).

*Please note that processing times might be extended during peak season (typically November-December) due to the number of orders received, or any exception situation that delays our manufacturing chain.

Once order production is completed, we will give your order to the carrier and your tracking information will update so you can follow your package until delivery.

2. Shipping Address Changes

If you would like to change the shipping address for your order, please contact us by email and include your new shipping address. Once the order is shipped, we can not alter the shipping address anymore.

Ideally, you will double-check your address before completing your order. While overseas factory orders take a few days to be processed and there’s more margin to amend the address, US stock orders might ship the same or the next business day. By the time we get your email, it might be already too late to change the address.

Please note that we cannot be responsible if you enter an incorrect address. We will send your order to the address entered at checkout. We will not refund an order delivered to the wrong address, and if returned, we can resend your order to the right address (you’ll need to cover the shipping fee), or we can refund your order by deducting the initial shipping cost.

3. Shipping Methods, Costs, and Delivery Times

We typically offer free shipping to Jamaican residents. If there are any shipping costs, they will be calculated during checkout based on area code. We provide twoshipping options:

– Free Shipping: available for Jamaicans.

– Standard shipping: $20


The shipping methods and delivery times per region are represented by the following table (in business days):


(Free shipping)




United States 7-15 days 3-7 days    
United Kingdom 10-15 days 3-7 days    
Jamaica 10-15 days 3-7 days    

Be aware that these delivery times can become longer in case your order is placed during busier periods such as near Christmas or Thanksgiving. Note that shipping fees might change without notice due to the current fuel price volatility. 

4. Shipping Restrictions

Sadly, overseas factory items cannot ship to a PO Box, military addresses, or remote areas (AK, HI). US warehouse items do not have such restrictions but only ship within the US.

5. Packages Damaged, Lost, or Missing While in Transit

We offer package protection at checkout to give our customers the best possible delivery experience. We provides low-cost shipping protection to protect your package in the event that it gets lost, stolen, or damaged while in transit.

If you experienced an issue with your order, please file a claim with Route’s team here.

6. Returns and Refunds

6.1 Return Due To Change of Mind

Canvas by Numbers will happily accept returns due to a change of mind as long as the request is received by us within 60 days of you receiving the item.

The item must be returned to us in the original packaging, unopened, and unused.

The return shipping costs will be paid by the customer. For USA warehouse products, we can provide a shipping label for your convenience and we will deduct the cost once we process the refund.

6.2 Warranty Claims

Canvas by Numbers provides a 60-day warranty period since the date of delivery.

If you would like to file a claim, it should be submitted within 60 days of you receiving the package. We will refund or issue a brand new shipment once verified there’s an issue with the product.

Remember that our warranty onlly applies to issues related to production or factory faults. For any shipping claims (damaged order received, lost package or stolen) your will need to file a claim if you purchased package protection with your order.


For our full Returns and Refunds policy, you can visit https://canvasbynumbers.com/pages/refund-returns.

7. Customer Service

Please contact us by email at support@canvasbynumbers.com should you need any assistance.

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