The Nine Ether series is a captivating collection of artworks that captures the essence of the Maasai tribe, one of the most culturally rich and vibrant communities in Africa. The series revolves around three pieces, each highlighting a unique facet of Maasai life and tradition.

The first artwork, “Saturn Redirect,” is a striking portrayal of a Maasai tribesperson riding on the wings of Saturn in the cosmos. The artwork draws a compelling comparison between the Maasai’s indigenous culture, where they ride on bulls, and their cosmic journey on the rings of Saturn. The piece beautifully reflects the Kabbalistic principle of “as above, so below,” showing how the Maasai’s earthly traditions and spiritual beliefs are mirrored in the cosmos.

The second artwork, “Maasai Rider,” showcases a Maasai warrior on horseback, accompanied by his holy bull, galloping through the savannah. The artwork is a stunning representation of the Maasai’s deep connection to nature and their spiritual beliefs.

The third and final piece in the series features the Maasai people gathered together, looking up at the cosmos for insight and wisdom. The artwork depicts a breathtaking scene, with the Maasai people illuminated by the light of the stars. The piece is a powerful reminder of the Maasai’s reverence for the universe and their quest for deeper understanding.

Overall, the Nine Ether series is a breathtaking tribute to the Maasai tribe, showcasing their rich cultural heritage, spiritual depth, and profound connection to nature and the cosmos.